Using Sandblasting to Prepare and Restore Wood

Sandblasting is a popular method used to strip wooden material of its old finish, in preparation for application of a new paint coating. Whether you want to upgrade the look of your wooden furniture, or simply wish to restore the original look on your beam ceiling or log cabin home, sandblasting is an efficient way to achieve the same. Below, we take a detailed look at what wood sandblasting is, the dos and don’ts when undertaking wood sandblasting, and why you should choose it over other methods of wood preparation.     Wood Sandblasting Explained     Sandblasting is a technique that makes use of finely grated media- including walnut shells, sand and plastic beads- released at a certain pressure to reshape, clean or smooth up an object’s surface. In wood sandblasting- for instance- an overly smooth wooden surface could first be prepared for painting by shooting the blasting media across the surface at relatively higher pressure. This roughens the wood as desired, making it easier for fresh paint to stick onto the surface, as opposed to if it were to be left smooth.     Why Choose Sandblasting Over Other Wood Preparation/Restoration Processes?     Alternatives to sandblasting wood include heating and chemical stripping, both of which have their disadvantages. Heating your wooden surfaces exposes you to the risk of fire, while chemical stripping leaves you with a decision-making headache, in terms of what paint finish would be compatible with the stripping chemicals that you’ve used. This leaves you with wood sandblasting as the most reliable option.     Sandblasting the Right Way     It is always important to put on the appropriate protective gear before you begin sandblasting. Wear a body suit, gloves, goggles and a mask. In addition, ensure you handle the blasting media with care, as some of them- like silica sand- pose a health risk. Also, never undertake sandblasting before first undertaking area preparation to note the surrounding objects.      Conclusion:     Wood sandblasting is a reliable and efficient, yet quite complicated method to restore and resurface wooden material within your home to their original state. If you’re unsure of your capability to undertake the process effectively, you can always seek the services of professional wood sandblasters near you like sandblasting colorado springs.