Vapor Honing Is a Good Option

Have you ever dealt with machine disappointment after they slowed the production process down and you had a deadline to meet? OR your motorcycle/car suddenly stops at the middle of the highway after failing to move due to too much dust-accumulation in its system?. Well, there’s a simple solution that can save you from going through a similar situation, and that is vapor honing. This is a cleaning technique that is also referred to as the vapor/liquid blasting and involves using water and other non-toxic properties to clean and restore various metallic surfaces. Nevertheless, this method is also applied to clean soft metals and delicate parts as well as plastic and rubbers.       Applications     Vapor honing can be used on various circumstances including:  – Surface finishing of various automotive and motorcycle parts such as an engine.  – Cleaning cavities and vents  – Cleaning and reconditioning industrial valves  – Cleaning molds and dies  – Hardening surfaces of turbines  – Removing rust, paints, and carbon especially in engineering industries  – Preparing surfaces before re-coating/re-painting and bonding  -Cleaning electrical connectors     Advantages  – It’s a dustless sandblasting process  – This technique is non-destructive  – Prevents formation of molds on the cleaned up surfaces  – It’s environmentally friendly  – It’s cost-effective and consumes less time  – The process is safe on delicate materials and parts like the gaskets and also plastics.  – There’s no introduction of heat which could lead to deformation  – Hardens the surfaces without affecting the weight of an item  – It doesn’t use harmful chemicals  – Vapor honing promotes longer media life  – The result of the process is a very smooth finish     Features of vapor honing  > The machine has a dual-purpose sedimentation filter  > It’s 100% corrosion free since it’s made of stainless steel  > It has 1-3 electric phases  > Good visibility  > High quality and reliable abrasive pump  > Involves a single-foot-switch operation  > The process is dust-free and offered by orlando sandblasting.